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Every month we make some new models but maybe don’t update in time. Please send us the dimension range (Length×Width×Thickness) and capacity.

If you still do not find a suitable battery, you can send the maximum acceptable size and drawing of the battery.
We will check the ones whether they have been shown on the online or not
Such as LP503759 100pcs with a price and lead time.
Besides we can provide you customized battery.

How To Proceed with Your Battery Purchase?

Are you still looking for a suitable lithium polymer battery for your device?

Working Time

9:00 AM~12:00 AM
2:00 PM~ 6:00 PM

Shipping & LT

Ship via UPS/ DHL/FedEx/Express
Lead Time: 4~7 days



Common Questions:

Q: Quote for the Battery Price , MOQ , Lead Time , Shipment and Payment ?

– Contact us by our official Mail, the quotation/Datasheet/others request can be replied to within 12hours.

– (5~10pcs): Accept small orders in your project startup phase.

Lead Time
– (3~5days): We provide fast shipment for your urgent evaluating.

– UPS/DHL/FedEx Door to Door. Also, all li polymer batteries will be rigorously tested and charged 60% before shipment.

We accept payment via PayPal, Western Union orT/T.

Q: Are there any Specification or Data sheets available for your batteries ?

A: Yes, all of our batteries can provide specifications or datasheets for the first time, please send us your request email.

Q: Are Your li polymer battery assembled with PCM / NTC / Connectors/Wires ?

A: Yes, we stock all li polymer battery are cells not finished batteries.
But it will assemble NTC/PCM/Connectors or series/parallel batteries according to your requirements. What’s more, the lead time just 3-5days.

Q: Do your rectangular li polymer batteries all meet the safety standard or comply with any certifications ?

A: Yes, -All of our batteries meet the safety standard IEC62133.
We have applied the certifications for some li polymer batteries such as CE, IEC62133, UL2054, UL1064, UN38.3, MSDS, and RoHS.
If necessary, we can apply for any certification for the battery model you need.

Q: Are the batteries on your website always immediately available ?

A: Not all batteries on the website always are always available immediately. 
but we can recommend many other similar suitable batteries for you that are existing batteries according to your requirements.

Q: I can't find any models fit for our products. What do I do?

A: Every week we make some new models but don’t update in time. Please send us the dimension range (length x width x thickness) and capacity. We will check the ones haven’t been shown online. Besides we can provide you customized battery.

Q: What is room to swell of li polymer battery?

A: Li polymer battery will have a slight swell in the charging.
So it will affect the mechanical design?
Do not worry about these. Because all li polymer battery we produced has reasonable tolerances: Thickness tolerances are ± 0.3mm, Length is ± 1.0mm, Width is ± 0.5mm. What’s more, the swell usually only affects the thickness of the battery, and it is within our tolerances. It means that thickness tolerances are ± 0.3mm(Maximum tolerances is± 0.5mm), that swells range.


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Get an answer before you buy the battery from the li polymer battery website. Whether a price quote or a Specification&Datasheet request from our battery section, you can count on our lightning-fast follow up and get a fast & professional reply within 12 hours.

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